For the plan-ahead-er or the procrastinator, we hope this helps.

Time to bust out the belts, boots, and buttons, it's almost time for your session! If you're still trying to find some inspiration on what outfits will work best together, read a few of our tips (and see some pics) below that we've put together just for you! We hope it will help stir up some creativity for you and nail the perfect outfit for your ride-or-die squad. (aka fam, aka family) 😆

Don't overthink.

We want you to look like you belong together, but this isn't a 'Christmas morning matching pjs' type of thing. Put on what makes you look and feel the best, but let's keep the colors from clashing. (Three colors max per group)

Oh, and no clothing with large logos or graphics. We're going for timeless and non-distracting here 😉

'Tis the season...

Whether you like them all or not, all four seasons have their unique styles, themes, or colors that compliment them.

Spring: bright and vibrant (pastels, greens, blues)

Fall: burnt and muted (oranges, olive, tans, navy, brown)

Winter: neutrals (grays, blacks and browns)

Summer: anything really, just prepare to get sweaty 😆

White and creams are always a good compliment to throw into the mix of any of these.

Pulling. It. Off.

Pick out one color tone (like the seasonal ones above) but pick colors that will compliment your individual skin tones. If you have a warmer complexion, then maybe a mustard, cream, or navy will fit you best. If you're on the cooler side (skin, not personality 😆 ), then try a lighter, more neutral color like white, gray, or blue.

Keep scrolling.

more tips below.

Patterns, amirite?

Patterns are okay, but there shouldn't be more than half of your squad wearing them. Family of four? Keep the patterns to one, or maybe two people. (You get the gist)

Hats off to ya'

Okay, we get it. Some guys just can't leave the house without a cap on. If you ABSOLUTELY have to, then we recommend something plain, neutral, no large logos and complement the rest of the outfit. (Below is a great example)

Now, get stylin'

We can't wait to see what you put together, and we are anxious to see all of your beautiful faces and smiles! If you have any questions about outfits, colors, or just want our opinion, send us an email or shoot us a text. We're happy to help!