We're the Julians: Party of Four

Jesus first, our kids second. Then, everything else. We LOVE what we do + how we're doing it, but if we're not making the things that matter a priority, we shouldn't be doing it. Especially with these amazing children!


  • Raised in the Ozarks. Drury University graduate
  • On my playlist: 90's Pop/Rock + Christian Alternative
  • High-volume movie quoter
  • Food favorite: "Pepperoni pizza, bro!", as my son would say.
  • Cold Brew-aholic
  • Apple + Kentucky Basketball. That is all.

Some of my favorite things growing up were Jurassic Park (dinosaurs), Spiderman, + TMNT; all of which are my son's favorite things. (That's just a coincidence...)


  • Winfield HS + Columbia College graduate
  • Mama bear
  • On my playlist: Classic Country (you know, George, Garth, etc.)
  • Food favorite: Steak n' Lobster
  • Pepsi Connoisseur

I've recently developed a love for Iced Coffee. Nope, it's definitely an addiction. Constantly reminding my hubby to recycle. EVERYTHING I store away is labeled + in totes (sometimes even color-themed by season).


Carter Thomas is such a genuine, sweet boy to be around. He will never fail to make us laugh + the imagination in this dude is just incredible! We're so proud that God chose us to be his parents. We can't wait to see what he will accomplish + how impactful he will be to those around him.


Skyelynn Rodie is our miracle baby. She's a CHD warrior + such a spitfire! The first month of her life was some of the scariest stuff we've ever been through, but we look back on it + realize truly how much God's hands were in every detail. She's such a strong, determined little girl + adores her big brother SO much!